Techworld writes about security issue discovered by

About the Techworld article This article was updated 2015-03-10. This is now confirmed by Emanuel from exclusively for TechWorld share what he found. For obvious reasons, we will not now describe exactly how the open disks found online, but we are content to say that it is relatively simple things it is about. The files

The day we fight back!

  Newspapers from the world’s all corners,  has during the day reported that more than 5000 different organisations has signed up for the campaign “The day we fight back”. Focus is mass surveillance The most focused topic is “Mass surveillance” which gives NSA a message to stop with their illegal activite. It’s sad that Google,

Adobe Flash Player CVE-2014-0497

  Adobe Flash Player CVE-2014-0497 Another flash exploit…. Security focus, one of the most respected sites by hackers all over the world – reports that a remote execution exploit has been detected for Adobe Flash Player. This vulnerability is affecting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and the potential risk this leads to made the

Coolest hack of 2013 goes to … Presents Coolest hack of 2013. Twitter got the second place and close to win with 250,000 leaked accounts they get a well worth silver. The hack didn’t have the same elegance as our winner and even that they managed to loose most accounts, the winner hack was better in performed and with a target

Support Edward Snowden in getting asylum from Brazil

Edward Snowden Thanks to Edward we know that the goverments of United States, United Kingdoms and Sweden, to just take a few, have abused our trust. With the powers we have given to them they have always claimed that they will not do spying. When Edward Snowden offered his very good paid job to give