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Tool: How long time does it take to crack a password?

How long time does it take to crack a password We made a little tool which can help you with time estimations when securing your customers server environment or preparing to recover a password. The tool we have arranged for you – shows how much a little research can do for the operational time. You find

DDOS Attack – A ‘Ping of death’ or a ‘cool teaser’ from the hacking groups?

The very mention of hacking, and we are all ears to the latest buzz in this intriguing world of technological advances. While some may squabble and crib about the existing threats to the underlying security of a network acquired through hacking, it is the playground of the hackers that keeps itself abreast with the prevalent

Video: How SQL Injection works and how a hacker could take advantage of it.

Video about SQL Injection A picture says more than a thousand words – so we made a little video for you about SQL injection. Don’t miss the related article if you haven’t read it already. We added a simulator where you can try it out without any risks. Here’s the video: https://vimeo.comy/m/98054492 Simulator We also


Tools Some of the tools that we have referenced to from our newsletters, articles and e-books. Password hash detectors Password crackers – Multiple operating systems / versions

Revealing any passwords hidden under asterisks in less than 10 seconds

Asterisk password – saved in browser Having many and secure passwords can be thought. In this clip we show how you can display any passwords that are hidden under asterisks – and it does not even take 10 seconds. The trick is to change the input type in the form layer to a text field. This

Heartbleed bug – Worst security vulnerability in history?

Heartbleed bug   About the heartbleed bug The secret keys can be leaked from the service or hosting provider, which allows an attacker to decrypt any encrypted traffic to the web server, such as passwords. The attacker can then use e.g. the credentials to authorize as the user. Off course all other confidential or private

SQL Injection – Still a favorite technique among hackers

Hacking groups and the most common technique they use (“SQL Injection”) Once consigned to those shadows of the computer underground, hacking has become a common practice! The news of Cyber security breaches manage to make it to the daily newsfeed of some country each day. With household names like LulzSec and Anonymous gaining more popularity

Techworld writes about security issue discovered by

About the Techworld article This article was updated 2015-03-10. This is now confirmed by Emanuel from exclusively for TechWorld share what he found. For obvious reasons, we will not now describe exactly how the open disks found online, but we are content to say that it is relatively simple things it is about. The files

The day we fight back!

  Newspapers from the world’s all corners,  has during the day reported that more than 5000 different organisations has signed up for the campaign “The day we fight back”. Focus is mass surveillance The most focused topic is “Mass surveillance” which gives NSA a message to stop with their illegal activite. It’s sad that Google,

Adobe Flash Player CVE-2014-0497

  Adobe Flash Player CVE-2014-0497 Another flash exploit…. Security focus, one of the most respected sites by hackers all over the world – reports that a remote execution exploit has been detected for Adobe Flash Player. This vulnerability is affecting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and the potential risk this leads to made the